The original Rising Suns started in the early 1970’s in Berkeley, CA. This was an era of exceptional basketball. Berkeley High School, which was the best high school team in California, and the University of California Berkeley both had a number of players that went on to play in the NBA.

The Berkeley Rising Suns was made up of mostly Berkeley High School graduates and was a very successful team among the  community leagues and tournaments.

The Berkeley Rising Suns followed in the footsteps of some of the top NAU teams in California that were also based in Berkeley. The Berkeley Nissei Greens were one of the top NAU AA teams in the 1940’s,  Berkeley Cleaners who where one of the top AA teams in the 1960’s, and the Berkeley Royals, who were one of the top AA teams in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

They epitomized the essence of competitive basketball. Coached by Mr Bob Tsutsui who also coached the Berkeley Layman Saints teams. Many of the original players came from the EBYAL youth team/organizations such as the Berkeley Layman Saints, Sycamore Lords, Berkeley Ohtani, and Oakland Methodist/MYF.

The driving force of the coaches and leaders of the original Rising Suns were responsible for the formation of the new East Bay Rising Suns – an organization that would provide the youth of the Bay Area with the chance to compete in organized basketball.

We believe that playing basketball is a vital extension of the academic commitment that players make in their classrooms. In addition to encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship, our goal is to not only help improve players’ basketball skills, but also to provide a healthy social environment, instilling lasting friendships among our players and their families.

Each year, we host our own tournament, inviting teams from Northern and Southern California . We owe the success of ten years of tournament history to our founding leaders and to all tournament participants and families.

East Bay Rising Suns Flicker Image Site:



East Bay Rising Suns, images of all Tournament Programs since 2002:


East Bay Rising Suns Facebook page:


Below is link to the NAU Nisei Athletic Union Basketball League, established in 1931. Various Rising Suns players have gone on to play in this league after HS, including the Berkeley Rising Suns in the 1970’s.




All current players, coaches, managers as well as alumni and friends of the organization…. We would like to get your team pictures you may have taken and imported into the East Bay Rising Suns photo image library. Each team since 2002 will have a folder to place /upload images . If you have them to share and want instructions to upload, send email to the RS org.

EMAIL: risingsunsbasketball@gmail.com



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