2023 Spring Coaches, Players, Managers

2023 Spring Rising Suns Team manager and coaches list updated as of Jan 2023

2023 Spring season
team team manager team manager email
12th grade boys Stan Kim stanjkim@hotmail.com
Jennifer Chu jenniferchu008@gmail.com
11th grade boys Gregg Lee gregglee@sbcglobal.net
Curtis Sato satocanda@yahoo.com
9th grade boys Genie Yao yaogenie@yahoo.com
7th grade boys Angela Bach Tanamachi angela910@gmail.com
6th grade boys Lise Yoo liseyoo@gmail.com
12th grade girls Eric Yabu ericyabu@gmail.com
Lyn Hirahara  lehirahara@gmail.com
10th grade girls Kelly Lim kelly.y.lim@gmail.com
2023 Spring Season
Team Head Coach Assistant Coach
12B Stan Kim
11B Gregg Lee
9B Joe Yi
7B Ryan Reth Derek Lim
6B Tony Khoo
12th Girls Sean Hisaka
10th Girls Ken Luther

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