6B, 7B, 6G, 7G Rising Suns Tryouts April 29, 2022

East Bay Rising Suns 6B, 7B, and 6G, 7G

April 29, 2022,  630pm to 830pm

Charlotte Wood Middle School

600 El Capitan Dr. Danville, Ca 94526

  1. 6B and 7B tryouts. 2021/22 school year= 6th and 7th grade boys
  2. Also, 6G and 7G tryouts, 2021/22 school year=6th and 7th grade girls
  3. Sign in sheet at door,  covid vaccination cards for all who enter gym will be checked (or soft copy image on phone)
  4. Recommend to bring your own ball so you get more warm up shots during the early stages of the tryouts.
  5. Recommend to get to gym ahead of 630pm so players can stretch outside gym as everyone waits for doors to open at 630pm.
  6. Tryouts are for the 2022/2023 School year…(Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 tournaments)



Spring 2022,  East Bay Rising Suns player registration window begins Monday,  January 3, 2022 and will run for 2 weeks.    The Spring 2022 player registration will have different forms than the Fall 2021 registration, so, all players (new and existing) will have to fill out player registration forms.

Also,  there is new player initiation fees and all players registration fees that will need to be submitted with each player package.

No player can participate in any practices or tournaments without a confirmed verification of player’s completed registration submitted/received.

For Spring 2022, there is a new Covid 19 registration form that all players, coaches, and team managers must comply with in order to participate in any East Bay Rising Suns team or organization events.
(this stipluation is new for Spring 2022)

All completed registration packages,  all players/parents are requested to keep a digital (phone camera) of all signed registration forms so you have “on ready” if needed to confirm completed forms.

Once you mail in your completed registration package,  please email your team manager so he/she can keep track of all the team’s families status.

all registration package are to be mailed to and not be post marked later than Monday, January 17, 2022.

reminder:  take digital image of all  forms signed before you mail them so each family has digital copy “on ready” if needed to show/confirm registration package was filled out/signed.

Registration forms will be available the morning of:  January 3, 2022, Monday


Spring 2022 registration forms below and all forms have to filled out and mailed in.


East Bay Rising Suns
PO Box 27238
Oakland, CA 94602