2020 Spring Registration begins January 26, 2020

1/25/2020 Registration update:

Registration opens for:  6th grade boys, 7th grade boys,  and 7th grade girls who have not registered yet.  Each of these 3 teams,  they did not participate during the Fall 2019 session… (Fall tournament/practices) and now will register over the next few weeks for the 2020 Spring session.

Each team coach or team manager will contact the players/families to register such that confirmation is done so that tournament rosters can be sent in soon.

Please download the following Spring 2020 registration documents and give to team coach/manager or send to the Rising Suns P O Box.

The registration window is:  January 26, 2020 to February 10,  2020.  Please get your paperwork/payments in during this window.

Please use the same registration documents that players/families used for the 2019/20 year… below..  registration fees for players who did not participate in both the Fall 2019 and now Spring 2020 is 300.00 not 400.00.    All new players to the Rising Suns Org also pay new player fee of 100.00.  This 100.00 fee goes into the Rising Suns uniform fund..  where uniforms are ordered each year to add to the uniform inventory.  Each new player may or may not get a new uniform issued..  as there is the uniform inventory goes into a pool of uniforms that are re-issued as players grow into larger sizes and turn in their smaller uniform that again, goes back into our uniform inventory to be issued out again.

Also, all players must help get 150.00 in tournament ads and payment is due at time of registration.  The Rising Suns Organizations encourages each player/family to then get local business to advertaize in our Tournament soft copy program  as well as showcased in our Rising Suns Tournament Program Web site:

Rising Suns 2010 grad, Taylor Takahashi staring in upcoming movie

As soon as business submit their tournament ad payment and ads that can be placed in the 2020 Rising Suns Tournament Program,  player/family re-imbursement will be issued back to the families.


8/15/19 update:  Players/families can get 2019/20 East Bay Rising Suns registration documents from team manager and/or download here:

Rising_Suns_Registration_2019-2020 (180830)




Rising_Suns_Tournment Program ad _2019-2020

East Bay Rising Suns
PO Box 27238
Oakland, CA 94602


update: 8/14/2019:  The 2019/20 East Bay Rising Suns registration window will be Aug 15, 2019 to Sept 15, 2019.  All player registration packages must be completed with postmark of 9/15/2019 or earlier.   Late registration will have additional fees added.   Please be aware of new East Bay Rising Suns P O Box.