2018 Tournament

November 2018

Dear Team Coordinator or Manager:

On behalf of the East Bay Rising Suns Basketball Organization, we would like to invite your team to participate in our Seventeenth Annual Basketball Tournament, scheduled on May 5 & 6, 2018. The games will be played at various sites in the East Bay area.

The 2018 Tournament Invitation Package contains the following documents.  Electronic versions of these documents will also be available on our website at: www.eastbayrisingsuns.org.


  • Application/Roster Form
  • Division Coordinator List
  • Tournament Rules


We invite you to share this invitation with the 7th – 12th  grade boys teams and 7th and 8th grade girls teams within your organization.


To streamline communication, please submit all your forms and payment directly to the respective Division Coordinator (Note: A confirmation will be emailed when your application is received.)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Division Coordinator.


We look forward to your participation!





Randall Fujii

Mike Yatabe


Tournament Chairpersons

Email: Randall_T_F@yahoo.com


2018 Division Coordinators

Girls Division Coordinator Email
7th Grade Lyn Hirahara lehirahara@yahoo.com
Eric Yabu ericyabu@gmail.com
8th Grade Ryan Chinn ryanchinn@berkeley.net
Boys Division Coordinator Email
7th Boys
8th Boys Robert Chan lo.rob@att.net
9th Boys Mable Yee myee05@yahoo.com
Craig Kuwahara ckuwahara@yahoo.com
10th Boys Jack Lin jyelin1@gmail.com
11th Boys Lori Chan lo.rob@att.net
12th Boys Larry Kuang larrykuang99@gmail.com

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